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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

The practice of dance develops the ability to critically analyze ourselves from the inside out.



            My perspective as a choreographer is linked to vulnerability and empowerment. Creating work humbles me as a person and as an artist. I get inspired by my dancers, the space, the culture, and the moments I get through every day of my life. My voice as a choreographer is mainly focused on narratives; it connects deeply with the state of my mind and heart while maturing as an artist. My movement is inspired by a variety of styles I have encountered in this journey such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and some Mexican folkloric. For my compositions however, I mainly focus on hip-hop and contemporary techniques.  I love the experimentation of new concepts that make you travel to different worlds that are not yet discovered. 


            My purpose is to make my audience feel my story, believe in it, and relate with it; transport them to another dimension. The dynamics and energy I put into my choreography have many sections at once. This is related to the way my brain works. There is never a time where I am calm. I was born with ADHD and I have been very hyperactive my whole life. There is never a stop sign, I am always thinking and thinking of something else even before the prior project is done. Choreography challenges my brain and makes me concentrate and quiet other voices. It is one of the few things that allow me to only focus on that one thing at once. 


        My artist statement relates to choreography because I became the artist, dancer, and performer I am today due to choreography. Creating made me discover myself and accept it the way it is. I feel so liberated and listened. I have expanded my artistry by letting myself write on a white canvas, a story-- a journey. There are no limits with creativity, there is not a world that should not be discovered and there is no voice that should not be listened. 



N A N C Y  R I V E R A

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